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Lee Trampleasure
Carondelet High School, Concord, CA
I teach physics these days, but worked with SEPUP on their Issues and Earth Science in 2004-05 (my last name was Amosslee at that time). My true love is Earth Science, and one of these days I'll be able to teach it :-) I run a group called "SF Bay Area Geology and Natural Science Hiking Group."
Kara Victorsen
Streamwood High School
I teach a upper level Earth Science course. I have a student centered inquiry based classroom. I have a B.S. in meteorology, and an interest in all other natural things. I am constantly looking for new better ways to add more inquiry to my classroom.
Riverside Middle School
Hi everyone. I teach 8th grade integrated science. Our 8th grade units are Chemistry, Earth Science including plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks and minerals, and some water cycle. We also do a short Astronomy unit. I am looking forward to incorporating some of these ideas and trying the Science Cafe concept.
work: home:
Margie Gifford
Castle Heights - Lebanon, TN
I am the person who started the "Cafe Craze" when a question was posted asking for ideas for differentiation. I have taught numerous PD seminars on how to develop these. I am uploading the powerpoint that gives detailed instructions on how to do this. I teach Earth, Life and Physical science to 6th graders . I created the space, life and energy cafes that are on this wiki site. I have taught science using the cafe method for 3 years now with tremendous success! iIf you have any question feel free to email me at
Beth Marchant
Marchant Educational Consulting - South Bend, IN
I taught high school physics and earth science (1st and 2nd year levels) about 10 years ago for 6 years in South Bend, Indiana. I then left that position to work at the University of Notre Dame for an NSF- and DOEnergy-sponsored program called QuarkNet for which I was a staff teacher for the past 9 years. I was responsible for approximately 12 QuarkNet centers located at universities across the U.S. I left that position at the end of June, 2009 as the travel became too hectic as I had gotten married in the meantime and wanted to see my new husband. I am currently a consultant and am working in my local community and county to bring guided inquiry research-based science to the local school corporations. I do a few other things on the side. I am most excited about several things with this project:
1) Can a group of people, who have never met one another and spread around the country or world, create a meaningful, valuable curriculum piece. (I think the answer is yes.)
2) I had a short unit that I taught using something similar to the Science Cafe but no where near as thought out as this idea - I would like to see this project provide such material for others
3) How do we give credit to Margie Gifford who started all of this - she has been doing pd on the side for some money?
4) What will the final project look like?
My e-mail address is:
Debbie Johnson
Currently I am teaching 8th grade physical science. I have experience teaching 7th grade life science, 8th grade earth and space as well as a variety of computer classes. In addition to middle school I also facilitate graduate level online and face to face education classes. I also develop and facilitate online MS/HS classes for I am working to add more inquiry, differentiated instruction and authentic assessment into my classes. I love integrating technology into my curriculum whenever possible - hence this wiki! I am excited that everyone has joined us here and can't wait to see how these units develop with all of these creative people working together!
Catherine Harris
(not the rich part of the state :) )
I currently teach 8th grade physics and astronomy, but I have taught 7th grade meterology, and geology as well. My email is if you have questions about any of the Idea's I'm posting.
Tanya Baumgardner
R Roger Rowe School, San Diego Area, CA
I have a BS in PsychoBiology and never dreamed I would be a teacher, but just realized the other day I am heading into my 20th year. I've taught almost everything at the 2-6 level and think I have finally settled in and secured my position as the only 6th grade Earth Science teacher at our tiny school. I also teach Honors Pre-algebra. In the past few years I have slipped into the role as a pilot teacher for various technologies at our school and am wrapping up work as a member of a two-year grant project with other local 6th grade earth science teachers where our focus is using technology/web 2.0 tools in our classrooms to enhance learning.
I am really excited about this venture!
Kellylyn Wood
Amboy Jr. High School- Amboy, IL
I am in my second year of teaching. For 6th grade I teach Nature of Science, Intro. to Physical Science, Earth Science (basically intro. geology minus the rock cycle- it's covered in 5th grade), and Environmental Science. It's a VERY busy year. For 7th grade we begin with Weather and Climate and the rest is Life Science (everything from viruses to macro. invertebrates). I'm a quick learner, run my own wiki for my classroom and very willing to help wherever need be.
Lise Simpson
Alcott Middle School, Norman, OK
I have taught 8th grade science for 26 years and still love finding new things to increase the kids' excitement about science! Our 8th grade curriculum is inquiry based and currently consists of lots of geology, chemistry and a little force & motion. I also teach an elementary science methods class at the University of Oklahoma. I'm so glad that the science cafe is taking off like this. I think it is a brilliant idea Margie Gifford!!!
Heike Paulsen
Albert Einstein Academies - Middle School, San Diego, CA
I teach 6th grade Earth Science including a unit on Ecology and Astronomy - two section in German and two sections in English. For 8th grade, I teach a chemistry and a robotics/programming class. I also teach 6th grade Social Studies. I am very excited about the opportunity to participate in the science cafes - I agree, it is a fantastic idea. You can reach me at or
Laura Collins
Plum Point Middle, Huntingtown, MD
I teach 6th grade Earth Science currently. I have taught 8th grade physical science also. I first worked for C. Everett Koop writing the reports on Smoking & Health. Went back and got my teaching degree and have been teaching ever since. I have worked on collaborative projects of this type within my school as a more cross-curricular focus. We developed a "Theme Park" idea that the students created rides, snack bars and characters for the theme park all based on a unit of study. I have been working with the idea of differentiated units for several years, but always seem to stall out or literally hit a brick wall. I am very excited about this concept. I can be reached at
Paula Borstel
Miraleste Intermediate School
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
I teach 8th grade Physical Science that includes chemistry, physics and astronomy. I look forward to adding to this wiki.
I attended the Space Academy for Educators in Huntsville, Al in June, 2010 and the ASM Materials camp at CSU Long Beach, Ca in July/Aug. I highly recommend that you apply for these. If accepted, they are free, and you come away with ready experiments and lots of resources, as well as many new friends.
Cynthia Bordash
Stanton Elementary School
Hammondsville, Oh
I have taught 6th Grade Science in a small rural community for 10 years. Our school has gone to full inclusion so I am very interested in differentiated instruction especially this self paced model. I am concerned that my gifted students are not getting the challenging curriculum they need since my time is spent making the content accessible to my various handicapped students. I am looking forward to being part of this project. I wrote the Ohio 6th grade science on-line curriculum for the Virtural Learning Academy and serve on state testing committees in Ohio. I am a state facilitator running PD for teachers to achieve their Highly Qualified Status in science so I have accumulated a wealth of mateials. I think it is a great idea - although I am new to Wikis - I hope I have something to offer the group.
Bob Spillman
Sparhawk High School, Salisbury, MA

Hello. I teach Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Forensics, Earth Science and a class I created called "Evolution of Science" that I base on Bill Bryson's excellent book "A Short History of Nearly Everything." Teaching is a second career after 30+ years in industrial R&D. I have a PhD in Chemistry from the Univ of Illinois and an MBA in Marketing from the Univ of Cincinnatti. I'm still trying to figure out how to best teach teenagers. I like the idea of the cafes, but worry about the "organized pandemonium" that is promised. I have too much of that already.
Nancy Smith
George H. Moody Middle School, Henrico, VA
I have taught Earth Science in the International Baccalaureate program for 3 years now. Previously I taught physical science and earth science at another school in our district for 11 years. I am very interested in learning more about the cafe model. I worry that my students do not get the true differentiation that they need to challenge themselves; however, I also worry about the time constraints of trying to keep adolescents focused and on-track. This sounds very exciting.
Nichole Thomas
Bradford Senior High School
Kenosha, WI
This is my second year as a high school Geology teacher. I also teach one section of Ecology in a bock schedule. I was previously a middle school science teacher in Waterford, WI at a small school of 7th and 8th graders where I taught life and earth sciences. Bradford high school is a Title 1 school and is full of diversity both culturally and socio-economically! I love my job and have the best students in the world! It is challenging to teach teens especially urban teens at times but I try to constantly be flexible and continually try to learn new ways to get to them. I learned about this site in the NSTA report and I am thrilled that all of you are participating! I can't wait to get started and I hope to gain contacts and participate as much as I can! My district is a little sensitive about email so I will give you both my personal and school email accounts please feel free to reach
Nora McDevitt
Volney Rogers Middle School Youngstown, OH
I teach honors and gifted sciences. For almost 20 years I taught science to gifted students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades until I was asked to move to 5-8th grades. For the past two years I only teach 7 & 8th and I love these kids and the content. I am still getting lessons squared away and think I will be working on making my lessons better until I am no longer teaching. I have been working on this site from the beginning. I didn't know anything about wikis and posted in the wrong places at first. I cannot believe this grew so much from a simple request to keep it going after the science cafe was posted. We flew. The list of topics on the main menu has grown so. I am impressed. P.S. I went to the SECO (Science Education Council of Ohio) conference and they were talking about this wiki there!!
Marcia Blome
Westside Middle School, Omaha, NE
I am in my 5th year of teaching science and am always looking for new ways to reach my ever technology based students and thought this sounded interesting. In one year we cover the nature of science, measurement, the cell, genetics, food chains, earth science, astronomy and chemistry! I have all levels of learners and thought the choice of the cafe might fit the needs of most of my students. We'll see.
Nicole Gall
Detroit Community High School
I have been teaching students science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) since 1998. You can visit my website at
Jennifer Duann
Lima Senior High School of Multiple Intelligences
Lima, OH
I am a first-year teacher teaching biology and recovery science. I did an interdisciplinary mix-and-match project on biomes with my biology students earlier this year and like the idea of a layered or cafe style curriculum, though I think my recovery students might struggle with the open-endedness. It is always nice to see other people's ideas, though, so I'm excited to "lunch" in the cafe with everyone!
Anne Friederich
Cora B. Darling Elem/MS, Postville, IA
I have just finished my third of teaching. I previously taught two years of high school science at my current school and was transferred to the middle school. I am looking to improve upon the curriculum that I teach, and I'm really interested in delving into layered curriculum, menus, cafes, etc. I am glad to have some many resources and collaborators available in my teaching journey!