Science Cafe started from a thread in the NSTA Earth Science email list.

More about our goals will appear here soon, or write what you think our goals are/should be.

How do you start when trying to design a cafe?

First you decide what standards you want to address. Making a collaborative unit will be a little more difficult because all of our states are teaching to different standards. This is what I would suggest:fg

Post your activity in a cafe that you think it best fits. You could note what grade level and standard it addresses and then we can
pick and choose the ones that address our particular standards.

FYI this is the powerpoint I use in PD seminars I teach on how to develop Science Cafes - I am posting it for you to use in developing your cafes - please do not use it for anything other than your personal use without my approval. thanks - Margie

Having multiple items (activities) to pick from will give us versatility for our individual cafe programs and perhaps even give us opportunities to provide differentiated materials within our own classes.

Ground Rules

  • If you create a rubric for your activity, please include it as part of the activity file so you only have to upload/download one file instead of two.

  • It might also be a good idea to include your name as a footnote on the materials you create so you can be given proper credit, if you desire. It will also allow people to find you and ask questions.

  • Also, list the grade level you are aiming for and a matching standard if there is one

  • Include as much info as you have - if you don't have all of the ideas fleshed out, state that and ask for help - maybe starting unfinished entries with UNFINISHED, so people know where help is needed and what you are thinking about for that section. The discussion tab might be a good place to work this out. You can check on the monitor option for the discussion tab and you will be notified when updates are made.


Here is a generic planning page to put together a Science Cafe or organize your existing ideas and activities.
The chart gives a teacher the opportunity to address activities at all levels of Blooms Taxonomy.