Energy Chap 12 Menu
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You must choose one of the items below to complete. The assignment is an individual effort.
Spicy Sun Spread

Wave Wraps
Using hard copy materials, create an informational manual on waves

Video Veggies
5 videos and answer accompanying questions.

Static electricity. Click on the link: and scroll down past the graphics to the Static Electricity Pre- Lab and Lab. Materials needed: (paper and pencil or pen), 2 + balloons, several tiny pieces of torn paper, fine-toothed comb, fuzzy and smooth fabrics, vertical cabinet and vertical painted brick (or drywall) wall surfaces to work with. Follow directions for the pre-lab and lab, including writing or typing all parts of the scientific method, producing a data table, collecting data, and answering conclusion questions.

Smath Salad
Each entrée is served with a salad that each student must complete.
Energy Egg Salad
Using a computer, investigate and describe ways that the sun’s energy is used in everyday life

Mandarin Manual Salad
Design a math exploration for your classmates using all the math skills listed in the manual

You must choose one of the items below to complete. The assignment is a group effort.
Make 4 posters illustrating a variety of energy transformations.

Design and build & explain a roller coaster.


You must choose an item below to complete. This assignment is an individual effort.
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Geothermal Water
Read the chapter and complete a series of worksheets from the” Workbook.”

Energy Expresso
Read the chapter and complete the review questions at the end of each section and chapter review

Dessert is not always for everyone, but in this cafe it is! You must choose one of the items below to complete as an extension outside of class (i.e. HOMEWORK).

Light Show Sherbert
Design experiments to demonstrate the differences between refraction, reflection & absorption of light

Nuclear Impact Ice Cream
You must complete a webquest and make a presentation on the impact of nuclear energy

Concept Custard
Complete a series of posters that outline concepts from the entire unit.