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More about us can be found on our "What is Science Cafe" page.

To contribute to a wiki page by adding, deleting or amending content, click on the edit button to your far right. Be sure to click the save button located on the pop up toolbar when you are done. I have added Margie's files to the energy cafe. Please take a minute to check out the format. Will this work for everyone? Potentially, we could be pulling items from various cafe's to create our own custom menus as needed. it would be great if we could have multiple assignments to select from as we create our menus.

Add a new page:
Click on the New Page link in the upper left hand side of the navigation bar. Give your page a new name. It will be added to the navigation bar in alphabetical order when you tag it cafe. Pages that are added to help with the development of a particular cafe can be linked to the appropriate cafe page but click on the link icon on the editor toolbar.

To upload a file:
This can be done in one of two ways.
1. You can click on the green picture frame icon on the pop up tool bar. Click the upload tab, browse to find your file. Select it and click open. Once it has uploaded, you click on the Insert Files tab, find your file and double click. It will appear on the page as a link like this
2. The other way is to embed the file using a site such as scribd. In which case it will look like this:
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